Windshield Cracked While Driving? 2 Tips To Get It Repaired

If your windshield cracked while you were driving your car what you do depends on how large the crack is. For example, if there is only a small chip you do not have to rush to get the windshield repaired even though you should still do so soon. To help you, below are two so you can get your windshield back to normal again.

Should you repair it yourself?


You may think you can repair the chip or crack on your own, but you should not unless you are a professional. If you do not do it correctly the problem will only get worse and may result in the entire windshield being replaced.

If you still want to do it on your own, you can try DIY repair kits that you can purchase at an auto parts store. Follow the instructions closely. If the kit works keep a close eye on the area to look for any type of small cracks. If you see any appear take the car to a professional to have the windshield repaired.

Before you do this on your own make sure you clean the cracked area including inside the crack. This will ensure the solvent used will stick well to the area. If there is dirt or glass inside the crack use a small knife, toothpick, or something else pointy to carefully remove the dirt or glass.

Is Mobile Windshield Repair a Better Choice?

You can take your car into a shop to have your windshield repaired or you can hire mobile windshield repair instead. This offers you many benefits. One benefit is it will save you time from having to take your car to the shop and then finding a ride to work if the shop is busy.

Mobile windshield repair also offers safety. For example, for a crack you should park your car as soon as you can, especially if the crack impairs your vision. Once it is parked the mobile windshield repair company will come to you whether that be at your home or office. They could even come to a parking lot, such as at a mall or grocery store.

Mobile windshield repair can also save you money. This is because you will not have to pay for gas to get your car to the windshield repair shop. You will also not have to miss time off work to have the windshield repaired.

Contact a repair shop, like Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass LLC, for more help.