Reasons You Should Never Ignore A Windshield Chip Or Crack

Although a minor chip or short crack in your windshield is no cause to panic, neither is it something to ignore. Though small now, it has the potential to do much more harm later if not repaired. Here are main reasons why you should contact a professional auto glass repair shop right away to have this problem amended.

1. Spreading

Any small break in the integrity of the windshield surface may grow over time. No matter how small it is now, it can send out multiple cracks into other regions of the windshield until the damage becomes too severe for most repair shops to handle, at which point any hope of getting out of the situation without completely replacing the windshield is gone. You're likely to have to pay for a new windshield if the crack is longer than a dollar bill, unless you can find a repair shop that has the equipment for bigger repairs, in which case the repairable size may be up to eighteen inches. And if the damage spreads into a critical area of the windshield, you may also be in for a replacement.  

2. Water damage

If water seeps into the crack, it can get between the glass and the protective coating, causing them to come apart and causing larger sections of the windshield to become cloudy. The water can also carry other contaminants such as dirt into the crack, making it more difficult or even impossible to repair.  

3. Diminished visibility

A crack that intrudes on the driver's immediate field of vision can impair visibility even after the crack has been filled. This means that if you started out with a crack in some other part of the windshield, letting it spread can mean basically giving away several hundred dollars, since a replacement will be recommended for safety reasons once the crack affects the driver's line of sight.  

4. Traffic laws

In many states, it's illegal to drive a car with a cracked windshield. Check your state laws to see if this is the case in your state. You don't want to get pulled over just because today wasn't a good day to take your car to the repair shop.  

5. Structural integrity

The windshield is made of reinforced glass in order to provide both backup for the airbags and some protection from impact in case of a collision. If your windshield is already compromised, it may not protect you in the event of a crash.  

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