Three Tips For Avoiding Windshield Replacement

Replacing the windshield of your vehicle is both an expensive and unavoidable auto glass repair. Without replacing your windshield, you won't be able to drive your vehicle at all. Not only is it dangerous to drive with a damaged windshield, but you can also receive a citation for doing so. For the best way to ensure that you don't have a vehicle that is both expensive to repair and undrivable until you do, you will want to consider these three tips to avoid windshield replacement:

Keep Your Distance:

There are plenty of large trucks that transport gravel and other damaging materials that have warnings on the back of their vehicles to let drivers behind them know of potential windshield damage. If you are not able to drive around them or get in a different lane, you should stay farther back from them while having to drive behind them. This way, if something does fall out of the truck, the force of it hitting your windshield won't be as high or it will land on the ground before your vehicle gets close enough for the materials to hit your windshield. If driving behind any vehicles, such as pick-up trucks or vehicles that have items tied to their roof, you should also keep a bit of a further distance between you and them. 

Repair Damage as Soon as Possible:

It's a good idea to find a trustworthy and high-quality auto glass repair shop near you so that when you do have tiny scratches on your windshield, you can have it repaired right away. Avoiding these repairs can lead to these small cracks becoming larger over time, eventually leading to you having to replace the windshield, which would be much more expensive than repairing the small scratch in the first place. 

Careful When Washing:

When you are washing your vehicle, it's important that you are not putting too much force on the glass. Auto glass can be quite fragile to pressure, so it's important to gently wash and wipe it. You should also be using soft sponges and a soft cloth while cleaning, as well to avoid creating any scratches. Not only is this beneficial for the glass of your vehicle, but it can also help you avoid creating scratches in the paint of your vehicle. On top of all this, you should also be using cleaning chemicals that are specially designed for being used on vehicles. The problem with using household cleaners is that the chemicals are too harsh and can potentially damage the auto glass, as well as the body of your vehicle.

When you utilize these three tips, you can easily avoid expensive windshield replacement.